Midwest Is Best For Vintage Pyrex or Raid Grandma’s Cupboards


When it comes to vintage cookware, the upper midwest, to be specific - is definitely the best. Now, I’ve been in thrift stores all over this country and I’ve never seen so much vintage cookware than in my home state of Minnesota. The main brand players back in the day (and some still are today) were PyrexFire King and Anchor Hocking. *These brands used to make the most gorgeous patterned and shaped glass cookware available. For a few years now these beautiful dishes have been highly sought by collectors and hipsters alike. I’ve noticed that a lot of these brands are reissuing some of these old patters and prints due to high demand from a younger generation. Those baby blue hues and citrus oranges paired with the milky white of the glasbake sends tingles down my art school spine.

Here’s my half-assed theory: Where I live there are a lot of folks of Scandinavian descent, including myself. So pair that factoid with the types of hot-dishes, casseroles, and goulashes we tend to consume by the panful in the colder months and the mystery is solved.

The featured image on this post is original. I took it last week at a suburban Twin Cities Goodwill store. It just goes to show the variety and volume of beautiful cookware up for grabs in any given Midwest thrift store.

* Most of these pics were stolen with google image search.

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  1. d r e w wrote:

    i agree… the mid-west is best for thrifting. although, each region has its style, so to speak. in SoCal you find a lot of “mod” things, for example.

  2. I like your casserole theory…you could be right about that. I get so excited when I find a really retro Pyrex pattern I can’t help but buy it!